Marvel Digital Pinball – Official Trailer | Summer of Gaming 2020

Marvel Digital Pinball - Official Trailer | Summer of Gaming 2020

Marvel superheroes are coming to a new digital pinball machine courtesy of Arcade1Up, featuring HD LCD displays and haptic feedback.

The Marvel Pinnball Arcade cabinet will feature some of your favorite Marvel heroes like Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, and many more heroes including other Avengers.

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  1. Holy sht so exactly what i am thinking a marve pinball table with a digital screen of marvel pinball a total reality if is true

  2. Ugh, what's with the video gamey characters and animations? I want replicas of real tables on a machine like this. I can buy video games if I want this fake crap.

  3. So it's not an actual pinball machine, just a flatscreen with buttons mapped to a cabinet? Well that's disappointing… 👎

  4. I thought it was a real pinball machine. Never tried a virtual one. Would it still be worth it? Does it feel like the real thing?

  5. Imagine having one of the greatest fictional universes there are, full with some of the best fictional characters ever createad… and you do this with it in terms of gaming. We seriously need more Marvel games on PS4s Spider-Man level. Here is me hoping that Marvels Avengers doesn't underperform.

  6. Zen Studios was one of my favorite developers… then they removed online multi-player after I spent hundreds of dollars on all their products

  7. Already they’re starting to use wolverine and the xmen characters in their products again now that they own again

  8. Honestly is there any real market for this? If you are going to put something taking this much space into your house your likely just spring for an actual pinball machine. Just looks like a an xl iPad except you can only use it for one thing, and even then it probably looks way better on your existing tv. Just tape your joycons to the side of a cardboard box and you recreated the experience

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