Martyr Logarius w/ heart rate monitor – Bloodborne [12]

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Thanks for checking out my Bloodborne playthrough on the PS4 Pro! Excited to get through this game solo this time, in 1080p, complete with heart rate monitor!

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21 thoughts on “Martyr Logarius w/ heart rate monitor – Bloodborne [12]

  1. "hello ladie kiss you are my size" lol I can't stop laughing over it my goooosh! by the way I was busy and didn't have time to watch the new videos but now I have a lot of bloodborne episodes to watch, winwin <3

  2. Detail becomes sub par if the game itself not up to speed with what the players want or need lol too many people these days infatuated with detail I guess. Good gameplay so far though.

  3. I don't know whether you'll see this since you're far ahead now but might be beneficial for future playthroughs, the excess amount of weapon upgrade materials give you the chance to work out this like dual weapon set up, like with the blades of mercy you mention they stun smaller guys but not the bigger beasts, 100% accurate so if you upgrade say ludwigs holy blade you can quickly switch to that in the transformed big sword mode to stagger big dudes so you can adapt to any scenarios in a versatile way, i ran with a tonitrus and ludwigs holy blade for a while, same for ranged weapons swapping between a wide spread for multiple attackers and then something like the rifle or a pistol for vs hunters or single target, bloodborne is a masterpiece and was probably the only game i can say getting the platinum trophy for was a joy to do

  4. the ghost ladies are just defenseless noble ladies that were massacred by the executioners. they are now just lost souls crying in fear wielding small knives in a futile attempt to defend themselves. All the Cainhurst knights fell in the courtyard and are now being eaten by the leach monsters, and because of that the monsters are all bloated and filled with blood

  5. if you pay close attention the cainhurst invitation was on the same place you get the blood treatment in the opening cutscene, its very probable that the invitation was yours all along and you were invited to the castle but fell ill before getting there so you stopped at Yharnam for treatment and became a hunter then. This is supported by the fact that the doors and the gate open up for you welcoming you in

  6. i don't know if anybody has done the lore dump yet, but here's the lore dump!

    martyr logarius is NOT the king of cainhurst (despite that being a very catchy title) but rather was the leader of a band of church hunters called the executioners. the name "executioners" is VERY literal. at cainhurst castle, you are walking through the site of a massacre, which kind of paints our buddy alfred the executioner in a new light. now, i don't remember if there was actually anything nefarious or distasteful going on at cainhurst–i think the nobility there were sort of the equivalent of vampires, or at least the queen is–but the healing church despised them for what they viewed as a profane use of blood. so they sent a regiment of executioners to the castle, led by logarius, to slaughter every last member of the cainhurst nobility. the queen, however, could not be truly killed, so logarius decided to instead keep her locked away behind an illusion, and to guard the entrance to it for eternity.

    a couple of side notes: first, a weapon in bloodborne relying on blood to gain power, such as the chikage and the signature weapon of a certain upcoming boss, is a telltale sign of ties to cainhurst. second, you've already met (at least) one NPC who is related to cainhurst nobility, and that's arianna. the "noble dress" she wears is a dead giveaway. this is also why, if you bring both arianna and adella (the priestess kneeling in yahar'gul who wouldn't talk to you) to oedon chapel and then adella sees you take too many blood vials from arianna, adella will kill arianna and then attempt to kill you. as a blood saint of the healing church, adella views arianna as a vileblood, and partaking of her profane blood is an unpardonable sin.

  7. Well done with him!! He was a pain in the butt for me my first time. You somehow stopped him from ever trying to buff himself too which he normally does at half health, parrying really is the way to go!

  8. Lol you beat Logarius before you fully realized how HARD that first form was when he was casting his magic. I went to this area at a much lower level because I wanted to make a bloodtinge build that focused on the Chikage and Evelyn and it took a good three days and about 50 attempts to FINALLY beat him and get my reward. You should try the chikage, it's a super fun skill weapon so it will for your build, but you won't get much use out of the transformed form since it relies on bloodtinge to deal damage

  9. About Alfred. He is not, how should i say it, he is not really a nice person. When in my first playthrough Annalise said that she is a "sworn enemy of the church" i knew that i want to be friends with her. 😀
    Even though it's a bit unfortunate that they didnt develope this story a bit more.

    Oh and that fight against Logarius was damn impressive. Maybe one of the hardest bosses in the game, but you managed him really well.


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