Mario Maker 2 – Before You Buy

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Mario Maker 2 is a huge improvement over the previous game. There’s lots of new things to talk about, but also one glaring disadvantage. Is Mario Maker 2 great?
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42 thoughts on “Mario Maker 2 – Before You Buy

  1. 2DY-XH0-2MF – "Literally Walk on Walls!!!" A unique Mario Maker 2 Level in which rooms rotate and you walk on all 4 walls. I had to duplicate the rooms 4 times each to make this illusion work. It's not hard and has checkpoints!

  2. nintendo has this shit on lock. this isnt even a new game its just pieces of old ones. and on top of that you have to do all the actual stage development. nintendo now having us pay them to build games for them, on underpowered systems with cardboard as a main accessory. brilliant.

  3. Maybe a dumb question. But can you sit down with the Switch and view the screen on both the Switch screen and the TV screen? So you can use the touch pad to make levels and see it on the big screen on your TV. Guess not, because no HDMI connected then? Or is there a way?

  4. You have to wonder if Nintendo will now still focus on those types of games since they have released this where you can do it yourself or will they focus on games that aren't like this (Super Mario 64 type games).

  5. The idea of Mario Maker 2 delights me. I used to make SMW levels in Lunar Magic as an idiot teenager as well as other game mods… but I don't have time for that kind of stuff anymore. I can't justify spending 60 bucks on a game I don't have the time to learn and enjoy.

  6. By far, worst Mario/Nintendo game I've ever played. Do not buy! Main feature requires totally unnecessary online subscription. Story levels are absolutely the most lazy ones ever seen, loads of bugs, long load times, illogical editing controls… Just play ANY Little Big Planet game and you'll actually have a good time. SMM2 4.5/10


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