Maplestory AE Tutorial: Character Set-up

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Wow that’s a long title.
In honor of hitting 600 subs I bring you my first tutorial.
This is a tutorial to give you guys a step by step process to building a character to “ready to animate” state inside of adobe after effects. I was going to put animation in aswell but then this tutorial would run on too long.

If your character is blurry:

Let it be said that is it MY method. So if you feel that something I did is wrong or un-preferred then you are more then welcome to change things.

I apologize if I repeat things or if this tutorial is informative and/or cheesy but at the same time I don’t see myself as a professor.

If you have any questions then hit me up. I’ll answer anything (in regards to ae…I don’t want no “what’s your favorite fetish” stuff)

Also to commemorate hitting 600, I will be doing a livestream later, so look out for that.

30 thoughts on “Maplestory AE Tutorial: Character Set-up

  1. Yo Densle, These tutorials helped me so much with school. I was wondering what alternative to bannedstory you use? I often use maplestory sprites to test composition, animations techniques and movement.

  2. Started using AF, experiencing problems immediately.

    Tried to drag n drop my images to the project, didn't work. So I tried importing them to it through the File tab. Success? Dragged the images from the project onto the timeline. Tried scaling them, but now they look all blurry and unrecognizable.

    Any idea what could be wrong?

  3. You said you made roblox animations earlier. I'm thinking if I model with blender 3d or cinema 4d can I do the same thing you do with the maple characters ( getting the head and aligning the body). Thanks 😀


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