M700 Returns – Reserve Sniping – Escape from Tarkov

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This little gem is the raid immediately after my previous video! Back to back epic raids in which I start off explaining how I am using the Vudu sight, then immediately the action begins!


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24 thoughts on “M700 Returns – Reserve Sniping – Escape from Tarkov

  1. wow this thermal is so disgusting to watch, when u can see ppl at the edge of map thru obstacles/bushes so easy its just like in game wall hack. No offense i know ure good player even without it and thermal scopes are supposed to give such advantage in real life aswell but just dying to thermal sniper is so triggering atm

  2. too easy to cheese this game with thermal. and if that's not the case you still have plenty of people who use hacks. on top of which the devs are asking 145€ for this game so you can have the gamma container which in my personal humble opinion is a massive advantage. of course the people who actually payed that money and have gamma will be the ones disagreeing trying to keep the advantage they have and to feel less like idiots for paying such an obscene amount. but in my personal opinion a game in beta should NEVER have such high prices and pay 2 win options. sorry but i just don't agree and support such business practices. i don't care what their excuse is. there is plenty of triple AAA games out there which are not in beta and the devs never tried to justify the outrages prices with this kind of arguments that they need to develop the game. that's bollocks if you ask me. i would get tarkov with ONE price. 40 bucks for beta. everyone gets the SAME container and if you wanna pay extra to support the game you can do it by purchasing COSMETIC items. not items that clearly change your gameplay. hence i am NOT paying for this game.

  3. "line this, line that"

    All I want to hear you say is "mill"

    Also I love how you can't see through the glass of your scope with thermals (realistic) but you can see through windows…

  4. I dunno man, but thermal vision seems kinda cheaty too me.
    Everyone is just like to spot someone and avoid beeing spotted.
    The thermal dude just looks from 500 meters away and spots everyone instantly…


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