Level Traders FAST in Escape from Tarkov (Latest Patch)

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Trying to Level Traders in Escape from Tarkov and you can’t work out why they wont level up? Want to know tricks and tips to help you unlock their levels quickly? Well then this is the new player guide for you, updated for the latest patch!

This is meant for new players who have no understanding of the reputation and trader system in Escape from Tarkov, and why there are so many variables in trader loyalty levels. This video shows you the best way to level traders quickly and efficiently!

This video includes examples of Trader Loyalty, Required Sales and your PMC level. We talk about how you can level traders fast with certain quest tactics and spending methods.


Here are the links to the Escape From Tarkov Wiki page for Traders and their descriptions. Click on each one to find their requirements.

Prapor ►►
Therapist ►►
Skier ►►
Peacekeeper ►►
Mechanic ►►
Ragman ►►
Jaeger ►►


Here is the entire 2 Minute Tarkov Tutorial Playlist!
2 Minute Tarkov Tutorials ►►




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