Let's Play RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 | Ep. 5 (PC RDR2 Gameplay & Walkthrough )

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Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC , brings with it a range of graphical and technical gameplay enhancements to bring new life and detail to the story of Arthur …

14 thoughts on “Let's Play RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 | Ep. 5 (PC RDR2 Gameplay & Walkthrough )

  1. Also, I wonder if you're able to "pony" a horse while riding another, I mean, how else are you gonna steal horses, and then sell em? maybe if you lead a horse, and then mount a different one? hmm….

  2. I posted the following in the last episode but in case you missed it:

    So over the course of the game you should definitely get better horses or at least get a really good one and bond with it to the end. There are 19 breeds of horses in RDR2 divided into 6 classes: riding, draft, work, war, race, and elite. Of the 6, work, war, race and elite horses are the more desirable classes as they're either resistant to predators and gunfights, maneuverable, fast or responsive. Whether you're shopping for a new horse at a stable or you see one in the wild or someone else's horse you wanna take, observe and study the horse to know the breed.

    Btw make sure to do the stranger missions (white icons with the question marks on the map) as many of them are what really provide the game comic relief and fun.

  3. Couldn't help but notice your twitch address under your logo to start the vid. Gonna start streaming again? (I'll tune if you do… I'm following!)


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