Konami Rumored to be ‘Soft-Rebooting’ Silent Hill – IGN Now

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Twitter user Aesthetic Gamer was the first to drop the new report. Aesthetic Gamer is known for reliably leaking previous Capcom titles (although Silent Hill is developed and published by Konami), and divulged some details about the supposed two new Silent Hill games. According to Aesthetic Gamer, one game will be a “soft” reboot of the franchise while the other will be an episodic experience similar to Telltale games or Until Dawn.

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29 thoughts on “Konami Rumored to be ‘Soft-Rebooting’ Silent Hill – IGN Now

  1. I swear if they make their name silent hill like until dawn then that'll just ruin the entire franchise please konami don't mess this up youre taking an important step.


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