Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind DLC Review

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Jonathon Dornbush reviews Kingdom Hearts 3’s Re Mind DLC, now available on PS4 and set to be released on Xbox One on February 25.


48 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind DLC Review

  1. “While the volume of boss battles the 2nd half brings is nice, there is a sudden difficulty spike” ?
    Literally everyone and their mom know that the data battles are supposed to hard. NOT IMPOSSIBLE. But hard

  2. As a critique, i recommend you use someone who has played the past kingdom hearts games and understands the reason for the difficulty of the boss battles. Also, pls don't review the DLC if you haven't played all of it.

  3. Why are these guys still reviewing games? Oh I know why, they have to keep up the facade of being a review site so that when the next COD game comes out, they can rack up that sweet, sweet, MONEY!

  4. He's playing on beginner, and still can't beat Data Org, and doesn't even bother with secret episode, you can not tell me that's a proper review, no wonder why IGN is just bad at this game review thing.

  5. He dint got the secret ending…. Wtf
    Also the base dlc difficulty was easy, the data was Hella fun, I found it honestly easier than 2 (after getting Ultima and hitting lvl99, I beat 2 bosses with the kingdom key at lvl 75, Young xehanort and terranhort). Until I faces Xion, but boy was that anime as hell, then yozora…. I just don't want to talk about him, yes I did beat him but dayum…..

  6. An even more embarassing review than I'd imagined. Forget about praising well designed bosses… if you're not able to mash attack through them I suppose they must be garbage. I hope no fan of this series uses your review as a basis for whether or not to invest in the DLC. Every Limit Cut/Secret Episode boss (and they are the main reason to be excited, NOT story) is better designed than anything in base game and encourages you to play more thoughtfully than before. Beating them all is massively satisfying. This is absolutely one for the hardcore fans, casual players probably not, but that to me is the whole point of extra DLC content. Only the base game needs to appeal to everyone.

  7. Sadly i have to ask why didn't you finish the DLC? By saying that you didn't finish it it completely undermines everything that is said about this review. Yes Kingdom Hearts is known for it's difficult bosses but it's all about learning the pattern of their attacks and knowing when you go in for an attack and when to block. Is the DLC perfect: no but it's probably better than a 6.

  8. Nothing quite like getting attention at all costs! You lot are absolute clowns, nothing wrong with disliking the series, but making videos for the sheer fact thay they'll rack in views from people trying to dunk on your bad takes, that's sad. ?

  9. Wait a second, did this guy actualy think these boss battles were hard?!

    Dude, I was level 42 at the end of KH3, used that save file for the DLC and I breezed through the bosses.

    WTF man, fire this reviewer.

  10. see the thing is… i agree with him on almost everything, but i actually beat the boss battles lol. finish the boss battles and then u can say this kind of stuff. he's right about most of it though

  11. Rarely do I care about reviews for games unless from specific journalists, but I can't even comprehend how you can publish a review without completing the game/DLC? Whether the rating is justified or not, you simply shouldn't be allowed to actually publish a review like this. If the journalist is unable to complete the game and therefore not review it in earnest, it simply shouldn't exist or he should pass it onto someone else (not necessarily feasible between publications, I know).

  12. I simply don't get the point of this review.

    First, it's clearly that the reviewer didn't even beat the full game due to the difficulty, well, as far I know, you can use the EZ Codes or start a game in a lower dificulty to make the Limit Cut episode (and consequently the Secret) easier.

    The problem with the statement that is a dumb move to lock the story of the game behind difficulty does not make sense, since IGN actually praise's Souls-Like games that do the exact same thing, and they don't even offer easy options to do so.

    Well, it's basically a clowns review. The reviewer is being hypocritical, KH3 suffered an enormous backlash (even from IGN itself) that the base game was extremely easy, and now it seems that Square and the Osaka team heard the criticism and made some fair and challenging bosses, but offering an alternative to them in a easy way (again, EZ Codes or beginner dificulties).

  13. The DLC that added end game, that fans asked for, is "shoe horned" in?
    Complaining about the OPTION to play other characters?
    The SUPERbosses are too hard?
    You didn't finish it and didn't think it added enough story?

    No wonder no one takes IGN seriously anymore.

  14. I only beat 4 so far, soo your level 99 and cannot finish the dlc, what difficulty are you playing because I beat it on proud at level 39. For reference I didn’t complete new game plus so I speed ran all the content up to the remind dlc, that’s why I’m such a low level but it didn’t seem crazy difficult, some bosses took up to 7 try’s at times but that’s about it.

  15. If he wasn’t playing on beginner and claiming he grinded to lvl 99 to attempt to and only beat 4 bosses, and just using his opinion on reused content and lack of narrative cohesion I would’ve been content with his opinion.

  16. I agree it’s a bit jumbled in that the retread of the final battle in the Remind episode is not told well but the extra details it added addressed many of my issues with the base game’s ending. If you are a KH fan, this method of storytelling is par for the course and is not a new issue. The 14 new endgame bosses are probably a tad too difficult but they achieve great success in pushing this game’s combat to its limits, something fans craved. Overall, I think this is a great package. If you wanted more endgame content that cranked the difficulty up, you won’t be disappointed.


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