Kentucky Route Zero Review

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Kentucky Route Zero reviewed on Nintendo Switch by Tom Marks.

January 29th brings the launch of Kentucky Route Zero’s fifth and final act on PC, as well as the entire story to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch for the first time through the Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition. This review is taking a fresh look at Kentucky Route Zero as a whole, now that all five acts are complete.


34 thoughts on “Kentucky Route Zero Review

  1. It’s weird seeing so many critics and gamers rank this game among the best yet IGN just gives it an 8 and says “yeah, it’s pretty cool”. It’s their opinion and I’m certainly not saying they can’t have it, it’s just a shame they can make or break how well a game does due to their appeal to casual gamers and everyone who hasn’t heard of KRZ will just say “Oh, so it’s just another indie game that isn’t that special.”

  2. Jeez, I bought the season pass for this on Steam in what it is clearly now the best part of a decade ago and always thought to return to it over the last couple of years presuming it must surely be complete by then. They've only just finished it?! Oh well, yet another double-dip Steam/Switch purchase coming up then.

  3. 1:30 you are "sure" there is a "whole nove's worth" of text hidden behind the choices you did not take?
    As a reviewer – you did not go out of you way to check if your choices actually matter? – Or if it's just an illusion of choice, like in so many other games?!


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