I Got Jumped by a TRYHARD MC Club [5vs1] GTA Online

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I didn’t want to upload 25 minutes long video so I divided it into 2 parts.

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e-mail [only for commercial requests and the questions of publishing my videos on your channels, sites etc]: [email protected]

The configuration of pc you can see in the channel’s feed.

Mouse’s sens: 1100 dpi 0sens in the game’s settings.
The most common questions:
Q1: Why do you use the old heavy sniper rifle?
A1: Just because it looks brutal and it has better sound of the shots that I like. Also watch this video, it explains everything

Q2: Who is the best sniper in GTA Online?
A2: It depends on what you mean, if you mean who is the best player at sniping vehicles of all time, it’s my leaderboard:

2. Eliminator321 [XPRO]
3. Crazy Krille [XPRO]
4. UVersusPro [XPRO]
5. Protokille [MPRO/SUCE]
6. Kalle [CS16]
7. MetalChameau [MPRO/SUCE]
8. QuickSilver
9. KayeKizzle [13YO]
10. Staeni [SUCE]

But its really hard to say whos the best for today but if we talk about the best sniper in 1v1s of all the time then it’s Protokille [MPRO/SUCE]

Q3: Why do you accuse other players of tryharding while you are a tryhard too?
A3: I accuse other players of tryharding against the noobs and peaceful players and if I see that a tryhard farming their K/D on a noob I always try to help out to that poor player. So please dont call me a typical tryhard because Im absolutely not one of them.
MetPro SOWC:
Tr1GG3r XI:

Featured Channels to watch for similar gameplay in GTA 5 online:

Reconcile mE:
ShootEmUp YT:
My best Montages:


2. GTA V – Ultimate Montage by UVersusPro


My accounts:
1. UVersusPro [from 14.04.15 to 12.01.18] – KittyHaker21 [I used it from 12.01.18 to 18.04.19] – from 19.04.19 Eliminator uses it
2. _AIMBOT.EXE_ [from 18.06.17 to 04.08.18] – UVersusPro [since 04.08.18]
3. CitizenCatz [from 15.04.16 to 17.02.18] – DatBadCat [since 17.02.18 – 29.03.18] then from 30.03.18 to 18.04.19 Eliminator used it. From 18.04.19 Friendly_Pug
Video created by use Sony Vegas Pro 13.

36 thoughts on “I Got Jumped by a TRYHARD MC Club [5vs1] GTA Online

  1. For those of you who complain about the oppressor mk II, here's your answer: rockstar made this thing to be an irl money making machine for them. It's a small dot in the sky with countermeasures and rockets though those things need to be unlocked via bunker and terrorbyte so only the older players who like to grief cargo and kill players can get it fully upgraded, it was made to dominate a server no matter who you are because rockstar designed it to destroy cargo, destroy vehicles and have an insane insurance pay. Why? So people go and buy rockstars stupid overpriced shark cards to make up for what they lost.


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