How to throw grenades around a corner – Escape from Tarkov

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Howdy guys, I only discovered this last night and I never knew it existed, so thought I would share


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37 thoughts on “How to throw grenades around a corner – Escape from Tarkov

  1. "Arsenal breaching just got a whole lot easier……" Great video Slush. I have a ton of situations in my head where I will be able to use this. You can also throw one down below you for example, lets say someone is outside of the resort on Shoreline and you're on a balcony. BAM, just yeet a grenade at their feet and their done.

  2. @slushpuppy isnt there another grenade trick you can do with dropping a grenade at your feet? It's been a long time since I saw it.. but one time in factory a long time ago.. at least 3 resets.. I was holding the safe room and a guy ran past my open door and dropped a nade in the doorway.. i heard it but didnt see it, so i ran out into the grenade… it was a spicy kill.. i think you have to have the grenade in your hand tho. My buddy was saying like.. if you have the grenade in your hand, and you double tap the g key, it pulls the pin and drops it.. but you better be running when you do.

  3. Been playing for a solid 2 years and i'm just learning this haha, amazing but i know that in the heat of the battle i'll totally forget i can do that and just use it the normal way and then get clapped because i expose myself hahaha

  4. This just made tarkov more annoying with the dudes that bring in 10 fucking nades with them and loot 10 more after in labs. spamming 7 during a fight in 20 seconds at the start of labs without killing any scavs yet… nice.


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