How To Extract From Customs (SCAV&PMC) – For New Players – Escape From Tarkov

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This video is mainly for the newer players we have just now as i know how scary and nerve racking it can be when you’ve got the phat stacks and dont know how to leave the raid with them. All the extractions are time stamped bellow!

——————— PMC ———————
ZB – 1011 – 0:50
ZB – 1012 – 1:17
Old Gas Station – 1:50
Dorms V-Ex – 2:38
RUAF Roadblock – 3:23
Trailer Park – 3:48
Crossroads – 4:00
Smuggler’s Boat – 4:20

——————— SCAV ———————
Sniper Roadblock – 4:55
Railroad to Port – 5:11
Railroad to military base – 5:25
Passage between rocks – 5:47
Military Base CP – 6:27
Scavs Checkpoint – 6:37
Administration Gate – 7:22
Factory Far Corner – 7:33
Warehouse 4 – 7:53
Factory Shacks – 8:21
Warehouse 17 – 8:41
Railroad to tarkov – 8:58
Trailer Park Workers Shack – 9:27


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20 thoughts on “How To Extract From Customs (SCAV&PMC) – For New Players – Escape From Tarkov

  1. i just got killed in the factory shack. Your "guide" is lacking. That would have made it the first time I got out of customs. Dang mannnnnnnn . You said "sit and wait". What does it meannnnn? Edit: maybe i was in wrong shack. nevermind sorry.

  2. Just died from wounds because I couldn’t find an ACTIVE extraction point. Now I am down on items and can’t play my PMC because he’s literally 1% health left. I wish I knew this before I bought this game for 49$ this game is a scam

  3. Stupid game … I'm stuck at factory cuz i cant find the exits anywhere else ….. like common, I waste hours running around and I die cuz time runs out wtf ??? How the fuck do I get out ??????????? Not even with the video ……. I'm running along a wall trying to get on the other side but it brings me no where always this is retarded ….

  4. i was able to go to sniper's roadbloack 1 time with SCAV and nothing prompted and i basically waited till time runs out, maybe i was thinking it's gonna just teleport me, but i just got "missing in action". Have i done something wrong


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