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36 thoughts on “HOW TO COUNTER PLAY THE ONI AGAIN! – Dead by Daylight!

  1. that claudette having BT doesnt mean she can get the unhook alone if the killer camps… but if you actually tanked hit for her, she could get the yui and all 3 of you could escape
    its not like… "i dont have BT, i cannot do anything" cause you could actually be helpful by being a shield for that 1 hit… since you left, they were doomed

  2. Unlike hillbilly that always has his power, rendering the survivors helpless in that case and they have to do generators, Oni's power is a situational thing, to which all survivors know when he achieves it and what actions he is taking based on his grunts. This ties directly back in Tru3's beliefs on unpredictability being strong in dbd. If all survivors know what you're doing, they can adapt to it and render your ability useless. The difference between this killer and plague is that by them adapting to her and not cleansing, all survivors become a 1 hit. If all survivors hid from Oni on strong loops or sharp turns, he just turns into an m1 killer like all the rest, only worse because they can hear your bumbling footsteps half the map away, so your moves are still predictable

  3. Not every killer becomes viable when using there best add-ons yes but imagine if every Huntress ran 1 shot hatches she would be one of the best killers if the plague used her best she could be on of the best… And they would be stronger than wraith.. also anyone see otz video?

  4. I personally have to get used to playing against Oni, but at rank 3 on PC, I've been about 50% successful in countering him. The fact his demon dash control is not just forward, but up and down also makes it harder to learn from the killer perspective. Definitely a keyboard and mouse killer. On console or controller, you have little control over it.

  5. The only counter to Oni is not giving him hits at all. Don't be greedy at pallets, don't make risky moves, hope your team does gens and by the time Oni has his power, you are probably done with most of your objective.

  6. In due time more people will realize the locker trick against Oni when he's using his power, he could be chasing you and then you make a swift jump into a locker. Then he grabs you out, and then boom he won't be able to use his power whatsoever.

  7. When Tru3 was talking about Killer's he didn't like going against, am I the only one that expected & then was surprised that Trapper wasn't included on the short list of Killer's he doesn't like going against?

  8. "jUsT LoOp HiM"

    What happens if the randos I get in my solo q games give easy hits? (happens every game)

    "JuSt lOoP hIm"

    How can you loop demon dash if everything about it is far too forgiving? (Faster than billy saw, no penalty for running into anything AT ALL, can flick 180 degrees with an extended lunge at the end of the dash, strafing makes it too easy to maneuver)

    "jUsT lOoP hiM"


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