HOW NOT TO BE A NOOB #EscapeFromTarkov

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Intro – 0:30
Overview of Subjects Covered – 1:05
Weapons, Ammo and Gear – 1:15
Character Skills and Experience 3:28
PVP – 4:53
Fleamarket – 7:13
Maps – 8:05
The Hideout – 9:39
Pro Tips – 11:18

Current Ammo statistics for Escape From Tarkov:


Armored Vests


All Tasks

Leveling Specific Character Skills

All Maps Extracts & All Key Locations & High Value Loot Locations

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This Escape From Tarkov gameplay video is meant to serve as a simple and clear introductory video for new players. This tutorial gives the basic knowledge of ammo, weapon and armor mechanics along with an overview of the games skill and leveling system. A brief overview of the maps, hideout and flea-market are also included. Finally, pvp tips and pro tips to increase your survival rate in Escape From Tarkov and how to come out ahead to gain a better understanding on how to improve your personal performance. Top that off with a quick bible scripture and there you have the best rhinocrunch video in a long time.


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20 thoughts on “HOW NOT TO BE A NOOB #EscapeFromTarkov

  1. Hey rhino have not watched your videos in a while but I noticed that you don’t do scripture at the end anymore. Any particular reason you stopped? Not a believer but am just curious as you seemed adamant in the past to share something you felt strongly about. I did see you added something more brief so I guess it’s still there but I can see the sense in separation.

  2. thanks for the video. You were one of the first content creators who's Tarkov videos I watched when I was a noob 2 years ago or so. Well, surprise I'm still a noob 😀 but more because I took a long break 😉


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