How I mod my AKM & AK74 – Escape from Tarkov

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This video’s modification suggestions also extend to the AKS, PP-19 and Saiga-9. This is how I prefer to modify my weapon. This video will give you a short crash course on some of the popular AK attachments but won’t go into detail on each one. Only the mods that I personally use.

33 thoughts on “How I mod my AKM & AK74 – Escape from Tarkov

  1. There was a moment left in during the edit where I discover they removed the recoil reduction from the RK-3. I don't know when this happened. The RK-3 used to have some recoil reduction but no longer has it. Sort of a strange moment in the video but it's in there anyways.

    Second, you can fit more optics on AK's then what is in my stash during this video. Those are just the optics I like.

  2. This is a great video, I have a regular AK 74 in my inventory that I have been trying to fit a scope of any kind on, and I just can't, now I guess I know why. I need a AK 74N/M

  3. I can get 74n with two blackrocks…. which takes me a while. I'm a pretty sucky player lol. You said we can fold stocks for CQ and I'm all… what? Really? What does this benefit? I know some of these stats will have been adjusted by now, but this is a great vid Slobby. It's a great TYPE of video. This is a mystifying part of the game for us nooby types. Our eyes must adjust to the small details in the module images, their stats, then in game their behaviors. Your video sames me about…..oh….. dicks….. about one or two hours of time. With all of us watching combined, about one million hours saved worldwide.
    I found an ak105 on a panicky scav run through (I think I mentioned I suck. I have pretty hard gear fear) and I decked it out with all the ladytits. No way would I bring it into a real game unless I could finance three of them lol. I have two sights, the ppo and a 45* one as well, and I use it to practice my near/far scoping. I'm fuckin' old kids. I need to intentionally do shit like that. I'll now use my three 74ns for my tilty runs on a pmc.

  4. How to get good shit in EFT step 1: spawn with hatchet step 2. hide step 3. wait for op players to kill each other step 4. swoop in, loot their armor and evac gg

  5. Outstanding video.. As someone who's moving up from basic beginner stages, getting in to modding my go-to weapons was a bit overwhelming. This really helped break down not only how to mod these guns, but shed a good amount of insight into modding in general!

  6. How exactly is the M-LOK version of the AFG better than the standard AFG? Standard AFG has -175 recoil where as the M-LOK only says -2.

    Surely +2 ergonomics points don't make up for that huge of a difference does it?


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