Health and Stress Resistance Skill Guide – Escape from Tarkov

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Both these skills are required to be levelled up to complete tasks within the game so I decided to find out the numbers behind each of these skills.


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38 thoughts on “Health and Stress Resistance Skill Guide – Escape from Tarkov

  1. I agree that levels should be EXTREMELY hard to level up on release of the game when there are no wipes, however, currently when wipes are around every couple of months I don't think that a lot of grinding should be necessary considering that it's all going to be wiped anyways.

  2. update after hot fix it will now take forever to lvl up stress resistance by running on a broken leg
    u need 100 point to get 1 lvl so to get to lvl 2 stress resistance u need 200 points u was able to get 200 points before in 10 min now its down to 0.2 points in 10 min

  3. If you know the proper spots and get loads of loot getting strength skill isn’t that hard either. Run labs till you get a huge sum of money. Buy really heavy gear. Play with 5 random people through discord or anything else. Then leveling up the skill is much more passive you don’t focus on it. The way strength works is the more you level it up the more you have to carry. A tactec with fort and a decent helmet works. And when you lose all of the money just run labs again.

  4. How do you get your strength that high? I’m lvl 40 and yet I only have str lvl 4. Walking while over weight and throwing grenades can’t be the only serious way to lvl it to where you are.

  5. Hey Pestily, i hope you read this because i need an answer to that – do you have to do FULL sprints (so that you receive damage) or can you tap it so you sprint short bursts?

    by the way, im sceptical about the theory that health is leveld by distance covered, running against a wall levels it too

  6. black out a leg. find some wall or corner and run in it. about 0.3 per damage tick. then use meds 2-3 time while replenishing stamina to gain some health skills
    and you can play some game on phone with second hand xD

  7. Hi Pestily, I am amazed at your work ethic toward creating content for the tarkov community. I know it is a difficult game to cover because of its hardcore nature and bumpy development, so again, I commend you! Thank you!

    I have a content request, and I don't know if you are interested, but I would love to see more speculation into the lore of tarkov. I have been wanting to create content myself about tarkov lore, but do not have the skills or platform. I started digging around and found that tarkov lore is SUPER fascinating, and falls within a whole tradition of Russian literature and film, starting with Roadside Picnic, and then to film (Andrei Tarkovsky is considered one of the top 50 greatest directors of the 20th C.) So, there is a lot of cool stuff to dig into with the lore and mythology of this game and its genre.


  8. when tarkov be officaly out of beta stage. all skill leveling will be nerfed to the ground. and some point skills will be removed completly. and ofc you can mage quests done 20 times until you. well never reach to level up skills.. this constant nerfing and wiping just takes last from me. im saying good bye for this piece of shit.

  9. I was under the impression that health levels as you level the other physical skills, anything you do to increase any of your physical skills impact your health skill (which is why walking and running while overweight works, its leveling strength and endurance for example)

  10. Eating and Drinking also add to your health skill, but I do not have the metric for how much verse gain.
    improving strength also has a positive impact on health gain, but again, I don't know the metrics.

  11. When testing the leveling of health, did you test getting shot in the armor? If blunt damage is still a thing, that might be a more effective way of leveling health. Having your buddy pepper you with hp rounds or something, and taking 1-2 damage each shot. Less time wasted having to heal that way. More expensive cause you have to wear armor, but still.


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