Gunsmith Part 2 – Escape From Tarkov – Mechanic Task

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If you want to know how to do Gunsmith part 2 10.5 in Escape from Tarkov you came to the right place.

If gunsmith part 2 is not working you came to the right place. I show you 2 Common mistakes. A lot of people make these so dont worry.


20 thoughts on “Gunsmith Part 2 – Escape From Tarkov – Mechanic Task

  1. Gotta watch to the very end guys, I have to get my average watch time up on youtube, so I cant tell you that you have to fold the ak until the very end. Watch until the very end guy. Make sure you watch until the very end.

  2. I found a cheaper way, don't have a stock period, swap stubby grip for AFG FG grip, and buy a Zenit RP-1 charging handle. It's probably at around a 15k price difference for all the tight asses out there, like myself.

  3. I was losing my mind until you said "Last thing is to fold the stock". Came here to compare my gun and find out why the mechanic did not want me gun, and you helped me a lot. Thanks.


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