Grong – Battle of Dazar'alor – 8.1 PTR – FATBOSS

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Updated Live Guide for Grong:

Grong fight and guide preview.

Horde version: Grong, the Jungle Lord
Alliance version: Grong the Revenant
(mechanically they’re the same!)

This fight preview consists of footage from the Battle of Dazar’alor raid instance from the 8.1 PTR. Expect a full guide for this encounter early next year when the instance hits live server!

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28 thoughts on “Grong – Battle of Dazar'alor – 8.1 PTR – FATBOSS

  1. Is the room different on Horde and Alliance? Or did they move the boss location from PTR?

    We fought him on alliance side last night, and the room is WAY larger than the one shown here. In one attempt a ghost spawned something like 60 yards away from anyone. It was a huge problem.

  2. I'm sure that once DBM timers are being used on the live game, there shouldn't be any need to stack all the time. With timers, mostly stay spread to reduce raid damage taken and stack when the fear is about to be cast.

  3. Hi there! I just wanted to say that I've followed you guys for years and have always enjoyed your videos and have found them incredibly helpful with learning fights. Do you guys know for sure if the weakaura is going to work or not? And if it is working again, is there any way we could get a pastebin link for it? I'd like to share it with my guild


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