Great Sword In Depth Guide : Monster Hunter World

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Welcome to this episode of “A Hunter’s Guide” series. Here we bring you guides on all aspects of Monster Hunter World.

Episode 6 : Great Sword

In this episode, we cover the Great Sword. Going in depth into its mechanics, pros, cons and more!

=== Control Translations ===

PS4 – Xbox One/PC
Square = X
Triangle = Y
X = A
Circle = B
L1 = LB
R1 = RB
L2 = LT
R2 = RT

PC Mouse & Keyboard (Melee Weapons)
Square = E
Triangle = Left Mouse
X = Space
Circle = Right Mouse
L1 = F
R1 = Shift/B
L2 = V
R2 = Ctrl

=== Credits ===
Thumbnail Art : XaR623 (

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