FREE Keytool, Item Case & More – Escape from Tarkov

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This video shows you how to redeem your free Keytool, ICase, Ammo Case and M1A for December 28th 2018’s Christmas gift.

1. Go to
2. Login
3. Click ‘Profile’
4. Scroll down and click ‘Receive Gift’.
5. Log into the game
6. Click ‘Messenger’ in lower right.
7. Accept gift from the system.

Monday – Saturday 8:30am EST
Sunday 12:00pm EST

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5% Discount Code: Deadlyslob

49 thoughts on “FREE Keytool, Item Case & More – Escape from Tarkov

  1. My question with this free loot is, once you redeem it and a wipe happens, can you redeem it again on the next patch, or is it a one time redeemable set of items?

  2. Hey deadly, I'm trying to let tarkov player be aware of a hacker named Mistt on this game. He was running at a speed that was a little too high for someone with the highest armor and gear. Now at first he couldn't find me cause I was in a bush laying down, well hidden. He ran off and I never moved, made no sound. I waited for about a minute and did a 180 to see behind me. Then waited about 30 seconds and right as I was about to get back up I hear him running back to where he thought I was to see him come right up to the bush I was in and one shot me. How in the hell did he all the sudden know EXACTLY where I was?! This was on interchange. So watch out guys, this guy is definitely using speed hacks and some sort of see players through walls and foliage hack. Spread the word, cause hackers need to be stopped.

  3. FREE Standard Edition of Escape From Tarkov to the first person to post!

    Please note: If you don't have a good PC gaming system the game will not run as well… which will degrade the pleasure which you can have playing it.
    So please be honest about this because I'd like to give it to somebody who can really enjoy this. Thanks!


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