Final Fantasy 7 Remake Official Trailer | Game Awards 2019

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Get the latest look at Cloud and the rest of the crew in the latest trailer for the upcoming remake.

14 thoughts on “Final Fantasy 7 Remake Official Trailer | Game Awards 2019

  1. Isn't this suppose to be a multiple part game? If so, I am not gonna get too excited over it just yet. And also, if this is just part 1, I hope they eventually illustrate that by putting that in the title. Or else it is just misleading people into thinking this is the full FF7 story.

  2. Wondering why they changed it turned based but not freemode like they showed in the gameplay much earlier. I mean it seems neat but was expecting to have the gameplay similar to FF15 with better improvements onto this one.

  3. The fact that he speaks of the promise he made to Zack Fair from Crisis Core warms my heart to pieces it is one of the best extensions to any final fantasy and probably the best psp game to date


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