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10:33 Esports Shop!

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Camera Settings:
FOV: 100
Camera Distance:330
No Camera Shake

Boost: L1
Air Roll/Drift: Square/X
Scoreboard: Select
Rest Default

17 thoughts on “ESPORTS SHOP AND PATCH NOTES!!!!

  1. some of the decals have the same colours, dignitas and vitality for example, both black and gold/yellow. and since u cant change colours for blue/orange side, this could be confusing during a match, right?!

  2. I might have missed you saying it but even if the items of the team you have to buy, because of your bet, aren’t in there you should still buy them in the future. You shouldn’t just forget about them

  3. Gonna copy and paste my comment from Reddit.

    They all look so CLEAN, massive thanks to Psyonix and the designers for making these designs.
    Just kinda wish they were all available at the same time, but if they look this nice, I'm sure people are willing to wait.

    Edit: Here are some of the decals that aren't in the eSports shop yet:

    [TSM Dominus Decal](

    [TSM Octane Decal](

    [G2 Octane Decal](

    [G2 Dominus Decal with weird mechanic](

    [Mousesports Octane Decal](

    [C9 Octane Decal](

    [Dignitas Octane Decal](

    [Vitality Octane Decal with wheels](

    [EG Octane Decal](

    [Ghost Octane Decal](

    [Rogue Octane Decal](

    [NRG Dominus Decal](

    [PSG Octane Decal] ( /s

    AFAIK, there are 4 different types of wheels (Usurper, ARMR, Bionic and Apex) for each Org.

    Edit 2: Updated to add Ghost Octane, NRG Dominus, and Rogue Octane decals. Thanks a ton for the ♥️ and pin!

  4. I don't know how to feel about crates not being able to be opened by us anymore… On the one side it is great because it limits companies like EA, but on the other hand I used it to support Psyonix every few months. But I never had any luck while opening them so maybe it saves some money I guess

  5. Super pissed that the dominus and Cristianos and other content has been taken out of xbox players inventories after years of being there and now we gotta pay to get back items we already owned ?


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