Escape From Tarkov – Three Budget Loadouts PART TWO

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Putting together a full kit in #EscapeFromTarkov can be tough to do on a budget, so in this video I’ll show you three loadouts made with cost-effectiveness in mind that should help you get through the mid-to-late game grind!

In particular, I chose these three weapons because of their ability to take down armored enemies while not costing a fortune.


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40 thoughts on “Escape From Tarkov – Three Budget Loadouts PART TWO

  1. I love that people get pissed off when killed by a "cheap" gun like the vepr Hunter or mosin. Most of the time their argument or rage comes down to wanting to be invulnerable because they spent more rubles than you.

  2. Id rather call these cost effective loadouts, cuz when youre brand new to the game and have about 400k, you can only afford about 2 runs then you are broke. when i started the game i always ran infantry sks with BP ammo, a scav backpack, few meds and spare rounds in my pocket and thats it. funny those guns are going for under 20k, but are fully capable of murdering just about anything, you just have to move around the map smart, and only take well aimed shots. very low investment, potentially very high rewards, especially when you one tap some thicc boy pmc

  3. Could you post the build for the M4 in the beginning of the video? I've been trying to find the rail covers or tan pieces on the side of the handguard for ages.

  4. Here is a summary:

    Budget Gear:

    0:50 6B3TM Armored Rig – Ragman L2 ; 47,000 RUB

    1:05 SH Steel Pot Helmet – Ragman L1 ; 18,000 RUB

    // or use 1:19 Comtac Headphones – Ragman L2 ; 18,500 RUB

    1:27 Scav Backpack – Ragman L2 ; 15,000 RUB


    1:44 Car Medkit – Therapist L1 ; 6,000 RUB

    // Craft your own Salewa for approx. 6,000 RUB

    1:59 Painkillers – Therapist L1 ; 4,000 RUB

    2:03 Splint – Therapist L1 ; 1,900 RUB

    Five-Seven Looting Kit:

    2:23 FN 5-7 Pistol – Peacekeeper L3 ; $280

    3:30 Trijicon RMR – Peacekeeper L2 ; $140

    3:30 5-7 RMR Mount – Mechanic L2 ; 1,800 RUB

    3:38 3X Mags – Peacekeeper L3 ; $37 each

    3:38 100-120 rounds of L191 or SS190 ammunition – Peacekeeper L3 ; Approx. $130

    Vepr Hunter Budget PMC Killer Kit:

    4:49 Vepr Hunter – Flea Market ; Approx. 35,000 RUB

    5:54 Cobra Reflex Sight – Prapor L1 ; 9,000 RUB

    6:08 PSO 4X Scope – Prapor L1 ; 18,000 RUB

    6:13 3X Mags – Jaeger L3 – 4,000 RUB each

    6:13 100 rounds of M80 ammunition – Various Traders ; Approx. 24,000 RUB

    SA-58 Late Game Budget Kit:

    7:28 SA-58 – Flea Market ; Approx. 50,000 RUB

    8:15 Universal M-LOK Handguard – Mechanic L3 ; 5,700 RUB

    8:30 Burris Fastfire sight + mount – Peacekeeper L1 ; 14,000 RUB

    8:41 4.1 Inch M-LOK Rail – Mechanic L2 ; 1,600 RUB

    8:41 Zenit RK-0 Foregrip – Skier L3 ; 6,800 RUB

    8:50 2X Mags – Mechanic or PK L4 ; 4,600 RUB each

    8:50 120 rounds of M80 ammunition – Various Traders ; Approx. 28,800 RUB

  5. I think I would prefer the Adar. You can get a recbat for 12k and with the money you saved compared to the vepr hunter you can spend it on a supressor and/or use better ammo

  6. With the recent changes for armored rigs
    , the 6btm? Is a god send, being able to tank a few shots and when it was fully destroyed repaired to 37 ap(40), idk the 5-7 for me, I just suck with pistols lol. Even if it's a bad raid on interchange. I can make like 100 rubles pays for the kit. Cheers

  7. I can sort of get behind the Five-Seven but for maybe 20k extra you could get the MP-7 with the same amount of ammo and mags. You lose the primary weapon slot but it's small and easy to hide so you can just chuck it once you get something a little more effective. Pros and cons, though, can't say either option is objectively better.

    A little suggestion for the Hunter:
    Get a 1P59 sight, they're dirt cheap, I found one just now for 12k, the other offers were 15k. The mount is an extra 2k. That's still cheaper than a PSO but then you can also put on the TT01 and a FastFire or RMR. It's still a good idea to take the scope off when it's not in use but in a pinch you actually can use the RDS with the optic still on. With a PSO that's, surprisingly, more difficult. Not to mention that the PSO takes two slots when taken off the gun whereas the 1P59 takes one.

    As for the SA-58, that build sort of doesn't make a lot of sense because the sight limits you to short range while the gun itself is long which limits its short range utility. I think instead of the handguard and foregrip it'd make more sense to get the picatinny top cover and an ACOG/RMR. You'd retain the short range capability that you have but for a slightly higher price you'd add longer range capability and then having that build instead of an AK-74 actually starts to make sense.

  8. This gave me an headache how dafuck did the Defender+AKM guy did not hit anything or how all scavs are litteralyy not one tapping your head LOL ;D jeesus you picked the right Clips for this budget luck runs

  9. First wrong information is you dont move faster anymore with pistols! Second one is helmet over headset. Dont even consider is always go with comtacs!! Also the the 30 durability on the armor is a one time use because the low durability makes more rounds pen it the 70 durability lvl 3 armor is just bether.

  10. Why do you either wear a helmet or comtacs imo you either use a good helmet that protects the whole head and dont use a headset or take a headset compatible helmet like that one you are using and use some comtacs

  11. This was mentioned before but just wanna reinforce it. A lot of people are doing budget loadouts but I'm interested in what prople would run when high geared.
    Do you give up headphones for stronger helmet? Do you run faceshields? What's your "tryhard" weapon of choice?
    These questions would be much more interesting and varied than yet another budget loadout guide.

    The video is very nice and it's obvious that work was put into it. Hope you'll consider the new topic.


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