Escape From Tarkov – Recoil VS Ergonomics ; Which is Better?

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Recoil and Ergonomics are the two main stats you can improve by modding a weapon in Escape From Tarkov, and there is a lot of debate as to which is better and which to focus on when upgrading your gear.

In this video, I give my perspective on the matter and run through my thought process for when to focus on recoil and when you might want a higher ergonomics stat on your weapon.


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41 thoughts on “Escape From Tarkov – Recoil VS Ergonomics ; Which is Better?

  1. Fantastic video. I had no idea about the various effects ergonomics had. I love modding weapons and this newfound info is invaluable since the game teaches players nothing about the inner workings of the game systems

  2. You are actually not fully correct on this. Weight of the weapons affects how much stamina it drains (so MP7 and RPK with same ergo, drain stamina differently). Ergonomics affects how significant the weight is. Going above 100 ergo drains almost no stamina, while going near 0 drains your stamina pool almost instantly. Try modding two m4s, both with 64 ergo but different weight (it’s possible). And you will see the difference.

  3. One more thing: You can always get better at controlling recoil, you can't get better at how fast you aim and weapon sway. The more time you put in and the better you get, the better ergonomics becomes. So basically a player that is good at controlling recoil and has high ergo will outclass a player that has to compensate for his inability to control recoil with weapon mods. Basically, get good 😀

  4. Honestly I go full ergo just because the recoil perk is oply broken right now, get that to max and none of you guns have any recoil anymore, basically it turns every gun into a .22 lol. If you don't have that perk maxed then I suggest the classic full recoil with a laser and just hipefire at head level, unless it's a bolt action, then always ergo.

  5. How can you use that trijicon optic? I mean IRL they are great but in Torkov they are the clunkiest scope in the game. At least in my opinion. I go for valaday 1/6x with canted pk06 if I insist on using a scope otherwise I'm just using canted pk06 on my M4 all day on labs. I have really grown to love the canted with this wipe not just bc of the ads speed glitch but bc of how smooth it is.

  6. Does weight affect anything other than stamina loss while ADS-ing or does it have other benefits you otherwise associate with ergo?

    I generally focus on low weight and recoil because ADS stamina drain is one of the more noticeable things given my play style. It's also cheap and similar to what I'd want in a firearm in reality (carrying around a 4kg Galil AR during conscription… changed me).

  7. Thanx, really thanx! I have wonder what ergo was doing for a while now, really good info! Just found your channel a couple of days ago, must say i really have learned stuff sens then. (Weapons modding for example). Keep it up, love from Sweden!

  8. Pestily made great video about recoil, shows how broken recoil skills are and with few attachments that reduce recoil you can literally say good bye to recoil.

  9. I have some questions.

    Could you post the attachments for the SA-58 you showed? it doesn't look too expensive to make. The stats are pretty nice that you showed.
    What is the mount called that allows you to put another sight on your main sight at 2:29?
    What sight and mount are you using at 5:59?

    As always. good video! Keep up the good work!


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