Escape from Tarkov – Mechanic Tasks – Gun Smith Part 1

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In this video I talk about how to build the shotgun needed for Gun Smith part 1.

32 thoughts on “Escape from Tarkov – Mechanic Tasks – Gun Smith Part 1

  1. Already getting ripped about the *forestock*. Right now in the game the attachment is listed as Custom Plastic Forestock so I am going to read it as it is written in the game.

  2. you cant fit any large holo optics on the plastic pistol grip , the picatinny rail is too small. What is the pic rail on the shotgun called? You never mentioned it in the video.

  3. I love Deadly cause he is Canadian but I made this for under 20k off the flea market, this bitcoin shit is just bogus and probably scares people from trying to build this gun. It is not as complicated as he makes it sound.

  4. 2019 update. mp 133 from mechanic doesnt have pistol grip and can only be bought from skier level 2 or found on raids and some scavs have shotguns with the pistol grip. Hard drives are now bartered for the forestock which are very easy to farm on factory in 3rd story file cabinets found 3 in one game the grip is very common and I believe can be bought level 1 same as flashlight

  5. Hey mate, sorry, but none of this made any sense. People need to know what mounts they need, and where to find it, all you did in this vid, was say what mechanic says in a different way. All my ethos, sight and recoil add up to the request, but the mechanic won't take it, no one can answer why… it would great if you can…..

  6. Should note that this has changed slightly. The Mechanic now asks for an MP-133 that has 55 or greater ergonomics, 800 or lower recoil, 4 or fewer cells of space, an extended mag (6 or more shots) and a laser designator.

    The mods you're looking for now are:
    Custom Plastic MP-133 forestock with mounts (you can get this from mechanic level 1 in a trade for 2 HDD's or buy it from Skier level 3 for ₽7,200)
    Plastic pistol grip for MP-133/154 (can be bought from skier level 2 for ₽5,100)
    Tango Down stubby BGV-MK46K tactical grip (can be bought from peacekeeper level 2 for $30)
    X400 tactical flashlight (Can be bought from skier level 1 for ₽9,986)

    These will get you the MP-133 with the required stats for this task


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