Escape From Tarkov Guide How To Make 500k In 30 mins

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25 thoughts on “Escape From Tarkov Guide How To Make 500k In 30 mins

  1. It seems like this is the only experience ~50% of players have ever had in this game. Seems like a minority of players have ever touched a gun, let alone gone out geared. Endless hordes of hatchling losers that contribute nothing to the game, just amassing millions of roubles; theoretically to spend on gear, but never actually spent until maybe the last 3 days before a wipe. I can't wait until hatchling play is impossible the way Nikita promises.

  2. This is the exact reason why this game is nothing but a bunch of crap right now … the pay2win container and hatchlings beeing at the good loot before anybody else can make it because they run twice as fast without gear equipped. Hope they find a way to balance this stuff because it gets rather boring to fight your way through a geared team just to find that the loot you've been fighting over was already taken 5 minutes ago by some kid who abuses the worst mechanic possible in a game like this

  3. Dude nice vid. good info. Also to add you can just left CTRL+L click on searched inventory and it will go into your gamma faster, I know its like split second but that could be the life or death split….

  4. I was shouting at the screen every time you opened your wallet. You can double-click containers to open them now. Also, I may be wrong, but I think you can just drag money and keys onto wallets and keybars.

    Nice video though. Useful for us newer players. Cheers.


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