Escape from Tarkov going all in

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Escape from Tarkov is punishing me so I’m going all in with my best gear and guns. Will we survive or be minced into a pulp? Let’s find out. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching. NEW Merch:

44 thoughts on “Escape from Tarkov going all in

  1. So I've been watching a few game plays of escape from tarkov now already and I still don't get the motivation out of the game. You know, what's the reason to go in there and loot?
    It's a serious question, can any players explain it to me please? Thanks

  2. The scavs at the lighthouse were friendly till you shot one. Scavs have "gangs" so to speak. lets take interchange for instance. If you kill a scav in or below Oli, the scavs in Oli will be aggressive to you for the rest of the raid, but the scavs in the back loading docks of oli wont be. They are a seperate group of scavs. Or on the map you were just on, if you killed a scav at the gas station, then the scavd on the beach and at gas would be hostile, but the ones down that road towards lighthouse would be fine.


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