Escape From Tarkov: Constant Crashing Fix

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MAKE SURE YOUR GPU SCALING IS ON. Also, check your monitors refresh rate and make sure the games is set to the same. Other than that increase page pool memory to minimum 1000mbs and maximum to however much ram you have in your system.

29 thoughts on “Escape From Tarkov: Constant Crashing Fix

  1. Full control wasn’t checked for me but I did that and still had the issue, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled video drivers many times, almost done everything but still won’t work 🙁 I just bought the game

  2. i didnt even die it just wouldnt let me into the server and wipped my pmc, shit pissed me off to the point i almost deleted the whole damn game again. this game always seems to find some dumb ass way for me to hate it. but yet i keep coming back because iTs FuN, SoOoOooo MuCh FuN


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