Escape from Tarkov Beta – 0.11 Patch trailer

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Новый видеотрейлер ближайшего обновления 0.11 в Escape from Tarkov

Новая локация Лаборатория, новое оружие и снаряжение, новый босс Килла и другие нововведения и исправления, которые ждут вас в ближайшем обновлении.

We are pleased to present to you the video, featuring what you will see in the next patch (Patch 0.11) for Escape from Tarkov. The video will showcase things like new location called Terragroup Labs, new weapons and equipment, new scav boss Killa, new gear and much more new stuff and fixes.

27 thoughts on “Escape from Tarkov Beta – 0.11 Patch trailer

  1. Зделайте чтобы опускалось оружие когда вы целитесь в своих. Или что-то похожее. А то люди разные.

  2. To Anyone watching this trailer thinking about buying this game, just buy it, you will get your money's worth and then some and this is coming from someone that never ever dropped full price on any game let alone a special/collector edition. I bought a starter edition to try it out, and 5 days later I upgraded to the edge of darkness cause I wanted to support the development of Tarkov. it's been 6-7 months since buying this game and I have not touched anything else since. I own over 400 games and I'd trade them all in for a heart beat over Tarkov.

  3. IMPORTANT: "please" dont listen too much the professional hardcore streamers like pestily, deadlyslob, veritas and co. THEY ARE NOT THE BASE AND NOT THE MIDDLE of your player-base! The streamers play the game every day for six to twelve hours – that does not mean they know what the game needs! And they always think they are the people the developers HAVE TO listen to – THATS THE WRONG WAY!!!


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