Escape From Tarkov : 2018 Guide Episode 1 Inventory

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Sorry for the lack of background music in this one i couldn’t get it to sound nice over the top of the in game music, i’ll make sure its off for the next video.

This is the first episode in a new guide series I’m doing, it will cover various aspects of the game, starting with the inventory system. The next episode will probably be traders and quests. In this series i’ll be covering as much as I can so if you’ve got any suggestions, ideas or requests then please let me know!

Another late upload, sorry again but hopefully i’ll be back to normal after this!

Thanks for the continued support!

Intro: Persona 5 – Butterfly Kiss

Outro: SAINT PEPSI – Cherry Pepsi

7 thoughts on “Escape From Tarkov : 2018 Guide Episode 1 Inventory

  1. If you're wanting suggestions for videos I first of all think what you're doing is great and another thing you could do is stream your gameplay (I understand you do on twitch) and then record the stream and do stream highlights over it.


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