Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Review

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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot reviewed on Xbox One X by Mitchell Saltzman. Also available on PlayStation 4 and PC.


45 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Review

  1. Honestly I don’t mind it’s flaws because no game is perfect. With that being said I think this game is perfect to me. It’s something I’ve been wanting since I was 12, I remember playing the legacy of Goku games and falling in love with an open world rpg dbz game. I always hoped they were going to make a remaster of those games and now there is a game that exist that is basically the legacy of Goku rpg + DBZ Sagas 3rd person view + upgraded burst limit graphics+ Xenoverse fighting style? This game blew me away.

  2. 5.5/ out of 10
    There's really nothing to do after the story
    You cant use any of the different style of characters you have in story mode after the story is over
    90% of the cutscenes are watered down
    They left out major key moments of the story so it kind of feels rushed
    Cant change clothes cant buy clothes
    Cany really do anything but fly around and go on a bunch of fetch missions or go fishing lmao

  3. My biggest concern is that it's uneven in it's faithfulness towards the anime and manga. Some of the parts that are missing such as Gohan 's rage after Piccolo sacrificed himself to save him should definately be there.

  4. I agree and disagree with the assessment of the game. Yeah the game play could could of been more complex which I was really hoping for but for the younger generation who have never played the game it really dials in for them making room for more future games to be made. Overall I would rate it 4.2 stars out of five

  5. This game should be more like a 7.5 to maybe even an 8 at most

    But how tf did you guys give sword and shield a higher score? That game should of been a like 5, it probably would of been a 9 if it wasn’t rushed as hell

  6. After playing 50+ hours I gave it a 7 as well. The fighting gameplay is simple. Ok still flashy but nothing too impressive. The RPG elements not that great either very limited and I wish you could use any past clothes at the end of the game but that's out the window. The cut scenes were 50/50. I still think Dragonball Z Budokai 1 got the cut scenes on point and the music was perfect as well. After all this is my humble opinion. This game could've been amazing but it's a decent Dbz game 7/10.

  7. What I didn't like about this game is that they skipped over many fights. Such as vegeta and z fighters vs androids 17 & 18, trunks vs cell. After the cell saga they had some extra things about gohan which was "filler" so to say before the time skip, they could have included the future trunks and gohan story as a bonus and even include the part where trunks travels back and takes out the androids and cell and saves his future. They also could have put in some other win conditions for stories like when goku comes back to life to help gohan against super buu, they could have had a fight against goku vs super buu (gotenks absorbed) and have a win condition of staying alive till gohan finds the ear ring or something like that to mix things up.

  8. The combat looks OVER simplified tbh 😪 I’m not watching a movie, so I want more control than just button mashing a single button to pull off combos. I want to control the characters, not watch them. It feels too easy and I think complex gameplay isn’t appreciated as much as it should be. That being said, everything else about this game looks amazing, but a large portion of Dragon Ball is the combat so it’s a pretty big flaw in my opinion.

  9. The instant kamehameha scene was the last time we seen crazed looking Goku in the canon. How could they not include THAT tho? They don’t include the Final Flash either? Those are why cutscenes are really made. Beautiful epic moments

  10. I’d love to see a game that takes you from the beginning of Dragon ball to the end of Super, with a local multiplayer that has a MASSIVE roster. We almost had that with Tenkaichi 3, but it’s really dated now…

  11. I got bored of it after 20 hours and reaching Cell's saga. Pros: Awesome graphics, beautiful animations and voice acting. Cons: Battle mechanics get repetitive after some time but it's an improve compared to Xenoverse 2. I'd rather watch the anime instead playing the game.


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