Doom Eternal Will NOT Have Microtransactions – IGN Now

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id Software reiterated that Doom Eternal won’t have any microtransactions beyond cosmetic items. Nothing sold will impact gameplay in any way. XP earned is just for those fancy cosmetics.

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44 thoughts on “Doom Eternal Will NOT Have Microtransactions – IGN Now

  1. That Bad Taste Man… Ugh!🤣 I'm not in all the know in the gaming community and there is definitely more important things that are considered 'News', but F"$kn# Hell! Take me back to where I just flipping bought a game and actually owns it or owns most of the content. I need to go back to Nintendo 64, because all my favourite games and ALL the games in the world have MICROTRANSACTIONS!!! Hope this is real, because I have not seen this in a game in a LONGGGG time


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