Dog Tag Trades – Are they worth it? – Escape from Tarkov

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This guide is made to help people understand the value of the dog tag trades and which are worth using and which aren’t.

Here is the timeline links for this video:
Intro: 0:10
Dog Tags: 0:36
Eotech 553: 0:50
DVL 10: 1:25
FF 3-12: 2:00
TGP-A Silencer: 2:37
MPX: 3:08
Osprey 9 Silencer: 3:45
M4A1: 4:20
MBSS: 5:20
6B47 Helmet: 5:48
ALtyn Faceshield: 6:26
Cowboy Hat: 7:08
Fort Armour: 7:37
M2 Armoured Rig: 8:20
Summary: 9:00

All info in this video is up to date with patch

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29 thoughts on “Dog Tag Trades – Are they worth it? – Escape from Tarkov

  1. 4:20 You may actually be able to get even more money on that sale of the gun if you put the entire gun into a bag and sell Skier the bag with the weapon stuff inside it, Skier will actually pay you for the items in the bag he would not normally buy. But if the bag has Roubles or Ammo boxes in it he won't buy it (also crappy armor they would ignore too, if that is in the bag it won't be purchased by him)

  2. This is a great video but I was curious how much the items are worth if you were to buy them with cash if possible. The sale value doesn't mean much to be because I've figured it's just way easier to sell the dog tags because the hassle of saving tags that are the exact level for trades that way you're maximizing your gain seems not worth it.

  3. Once again BSG showed how utterly inept they are at RPG and trade balancing. I honestly dont think they have ever played an RPG game before, or only perfunctorily. And they keep adding new items while the game stutters and freezes all day, netcode is still trash and they introduced the amazing feature of being able to abuse the netcode more via server selection. YAY.
    Good vid though. Thanks Pest.

  4. Great video dude! Quick question, What setup do you think is more viable? A Paca and a 6B47 or a Gezel and a Kolpac? Starting to feel like my head gets one tapped regardless of helmet and I might aswell take more hits to the chest for my money. What do you reckon?


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