Days Gone's Free DLC is Exactly What the Game Needs! Surrounded Mode Gameplay

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The best thing about Days Gone is undeniably the Freaker Hordes. With the new free DLC, the game’s best feature is even better! Horde survival challenges are here so now you can fight the Freakers forever!

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50 thoughts on “Days Gone's Free DLC is Exactly What the Game Needs! Surrounded Mode Gameplay

  1. Lol no…. I like the concept of the weekly challenges but they arent that interesting or well made.

    For example the current one right now is surviving waves of human enemies in an are, but it so wonkily made. The are is a terrible area. The enemies AI is pretty bad.
    You killed 3-4 of them, and 5 seconds later 4 of them are walking in towards you. Its just not very well made. Really doesnt feel well thought out. It could have been so much better.

    The first challenge of surving gigantic hordes of freaks was ok… They just really limited you. Why didnt they let you have the upgrades and skills acquired in the campaign? You literraly have no stanima.
    And it just randomly ends because you reach a certain point number.

    Most disappoint of all is that there is no co-op mode. This game desperately needs a survival co-op mode.

  2. This game was an 8.5 for me I loved it. I beat it on hard and survivor! With added "Free" DLC, it is now a 9.5, and we still have 10 more challenges to be added on with tons of skins too boot. Plus they are looking into NG+! Scratch that, it will end up a 10! Good job Bend! Sequel?

  3. I don’t own the game but i like survival games.

    Would be nice to have a breather, like you get to a safe place before the next wave, maybe setup a defensive position that you build through upgrades or something

  4. A real game journalist would have only scored 100 points, remember the 'game journalist' E3 demos of Days Gone, they were fkn embarrassing. Anyway that was some Pretty Good Gaming Henry , see what I did there aahhhh.

  5. If a Witcher 3 dlc would cost 30 euro, it is still worth it.

    In fact it is so outstanding, that the entire game along with its DLC is worth easily 200$.

    If it´s good, pay… or go fuck yourself.

    Just like i told our greek gyros girl that i would also pay 5 euro instead of 3.50 for the pita she serves… it is not just the tastiest in the region, but also the largest portion.

    I would go as far as saying that i am willing to pay 500 euro for a game that can deliver me what wow-vanilla delivered back then (and no, wow-classic wont even be 10% of that).

    But hey… there is no fucking game that´s been even remotely close to that.

    Probably because you are all fucking subhuman… who the fuck knows?
    I can´t go further than guessing that the current gamer-generation is a bunch of non-gaming fuckheads… otherwise i would have something to play and wouldn´t be here and enlighten you guys About where you truly stand… i would be playing a good game, right?

    Since when do we exhilarate what is for free? i give a fuck about free – if i give some pauper something for free, it has to be something pauper, right?
    Or you think i would give some daydreaming trashcan anything of worth?

    This is exactly how you are perceived by the gaming-industry… and fuck are they right.
    games like witcher, uncharted and friends, they are nothing but welfare… you are just not fucking worth it.

  6. If they don't like white people perhaps they shouldn't live in the United States considering it was made by white people perhaps they should take their nonsense and go back to the country they came from and then see just how much different it is I'm really getting sick and tired of people attacking white Europeans for everything


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