Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Inside Gaming Review

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44 thoughts on “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Inside Gaming Review

  1. I’ve been wondering why the only game I’ve known of where you can edit load outs mid-match has been Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood multiplayer. I’m glad they’ve added it to another game now.

  2. Call of Duty is propaganda for the military industrial complex–glorifying American exceptionalism and imperialism. COD is little more than a recruitment tool for American armed forces. If these games are your thing, you're either an idiot or a psychopath.

  3. Last time I enjoyed COD this much was 2010's Black Ops and MW2, World at War and COD4 (I started with COD3 on PS2)

    I skipped Ghosts (rented it for €5 later and returned it 3 days early as I found it such cringe crap), and Black Ops 3.

    Black Ops 2 was my fav multiplayer due to Pick 10 system changing things up. But I hated the science fiction setting for it. And gave no fucks for the campaign where I always got COD up until BO2 for their campaign first.

    Funny enough though Infinite Warfare's campaign was decent.

    Advanced Warfare's campaign is hilarious now more than ever, considering who Kevin Spacy plays.

    BO4, Ghosts and BO3 are the worst COD games to me with MW3 tailing behind them….

    World at War was an excellent campaign.
    The top 4 for me of COD campaigns would be
    1. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (while it had a larger than life story it wasn't unbelievable….it felt somewhat grounded and possible. That was the appeal to me)
    2. World at War (darkest depiction of WW2 and the image of playing dead with Reznov as nazis search the red-stained fountain of corpses etc. was a powerful moment and the fact that it covered both a Russian perspective, humanized communists essentially, and also the Pacific campaigns with the US squad led by Big Boss Kiefer Sutherland was great)
    3. Modern Warfare 2 (while I enjoy the campaign for having us see Soap (the player character in COD4) as our leader and the sheer panic I felt when Russian paratroopers invade the US, setup with great tension through screaching and screaming of radio voice chatter crying out as the air traffic control guys pickup random blips that increase in number exponentially)
    4. Black Ops (60s setting, great twists and turns with the Integration setup as a way to hop between various locations at random via flashbacks was cool)

    1. Black Ops 4
    2. Ghosts
    3. Black Ops 3
    4. MW3 (it was Michael Bay on crack and then some. Stakes so high I couldn't help but laugh. I wasn't able to suspend my disbelief because they went too far with the over-the-top set pieces. Ooo Eiffel Tower destroyed, oh NYC gone etc. so when is the great of wall of china getting demolished lol….it felt like a childish transformers movie times Infinity.

    The average or "its fine" COD campaigns:
    1. Infinite Warfare
    2. COD: WWII
    3. Advanced Warfare

  4. Watching the gameplay footiage it's painfully obvious somebody is playing with a controller. Crosshairs only go left and right, never even try to aim for the head.

  5. The words "sprawling" and "Call of Duty maps" don't belong in the same sentence. Outside of Blackout, the biggest map in CoD can be sprinted from corner to opposite corner in 2 minutes.

  6. You guys missed the actual 'operations' in the spec-ops mode. You only played the 'classic' spec-ops mission, the normal mode that you get to from the public match menu option is much more structured and nostalgic.

  7. If you are going to critique the game using history you should probably research more about Soviet Russia and how the tractors have not changed since the fall of the USSR. Your analysis about a Cold War Russia(80’s as you call it) is way off mark. The fact of the matter is that The Russian military is like that now. Putin is a war criminal.

  8. Really the menu's are not that hard to navigate at least for me the only thing I don't like is when you use a weapon you have not unlock yet and then you have a green square and you look through everything to see what you unlocked I had to go to private matches to get that little green square to go away

  9. He literally didnt talk about one of the biggest features The new spec ops with is 4 big Completely different mission then the classic spec ops mission which he discussed like wtf did you even play the game.

  10. Me, an Og fan, knowing Price is originally from the very first call of duty.

    Also the the mission where you storm the apartment building is definitely the best, truth.

  11. Lmao! 🤣 I got most of the way through the video ( I enjoy watching the team bull shit about games regardless) when I really don't give that much of a fuck about the CoD games lol off to another ep I missed.

  12. Most of what you guys are saying makes me super interested: new engine, slower gameplay, stronghold map design, etc. But the so-so review on maps has me very worried.

    Multiplayer is only as good as it's maps. That's what made mw2 so good; every single map was great, and most were phenomenal. Ill have to watch some more gameplay before i buy.

  13. During the mission highwayof death there's only one American soldier there and he is there without permission. It definitely wasn't painting American government as heroes are but soldiers from all countries.

  14. The game runs like absolute shit on PC. Constant stutters, can't get a good frame rate on any settings that look decent. Tesselation makes the game look worse than without it. Can play literally every other game on my PC with no problems, only this game.

  15. Spec Ops is kinda bad is this one, I was expecting CoOp campaign like mw2 with stand out missions. but it's survival with tacked on objectives and infinite enemies which kinda blows. campaign and online are great though, maps feel a little weird (though i signed of on Cod at Mw3 and blops 2), It feels a lot more battlefield-ey, slower and more tactical on the larger maps, and that's good. though some chaotic small maps and fast ads would be nice (an arcade mode or something)


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