Budget M4A1 Build for 0.12 – Escape from Tarkov

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Today’s video is dedicated to those with a limited amount of roubles or on a strict budget. This video shows you how to mod the M4A1 without spending too much money. The weapon is a very popular option and this build allows good stats for no more than 120K roubles and all you need is level 3 traders for both Peacekeeper and Skier as well as Mechanic at Loyalty Level 2

I will be making more videos like this in the near future to help you

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Made by SmooothBrain

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49 thoughts on “Budget M4A1 Build for 0.12 – Escape from Tarkov

  1. Parts List:
    KAC RIS Handguard – PK L2 – $69
    NCStar backup mount – PK L2 – $32
    Overmolded Pistol grip – PK L3 – $29
    Windham Weaponry rail gas block – Mechanic L2 – 5,600 roubles
    Magpul Mbus Gen 2 front sight/rear sight – Mechanic L2 – 2542 roubles/3744 roubles
    RK-0 foregrip – Skier L3 – 6804 roubles
    PWS CQB 5.56 – Skier L3 – 10790
    MOE Stock – PK L3 – $68
    Magpul Rubber but pad – PK L3/ Skier L3 – $48/5162 roubles

    Total cost: 117k roubles + Scope/red dot/canted sights of your choice.

  2. So much sweat in this video… with the playstyle samosh shows the best budget weapon is a knife. You will kill about the same number of players if you are standing in a bush and wait for the players just to bump into you. Take cafein into the raid because your PMC might die of boredom though.

  3. It's a great guide and thank you very much for the video – but it's not a completely correct guide to buy the M4A1 Cheap…the full list of parts is needed otherwise it's impossible to assemble. For example if purchasing the M4 from flea some parts may be different and need purchase the correct ones.

  4. I just pay 13K to convert an ADAR to M4 😉 Now that's budget! Also Skier will trade 1 ADAR for a rechargeable battery per trader reset. That means you build an M4 for less than 30K 🙂 It's still expensive though since AK-74M is about 20K on flea and a much better stock gun (but more expensive ammo).

  5. Do you need the canted mount, and front and rear sights? As in, do they help with recoil or ergo at all? I've been using the AS VAL but getting better and wanting to move up to building m4's, just trying to build this as efficiently as possible and not put things on that won't affect recoil really. Thanks!


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