BORDERLANDS 3 | All New Legendary Weapon Drops – Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot DLC

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Here’s a look at all the new legendary weapon drops in Borderlands 3 DLC Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot.

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46 thoughts on “BORDERLANDS 3 | All New Legendary Weapon Drops – Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot DLC

  1. I have the rico, slow hand, autoaim, ion canon, boomer and all the new class mods except for the new mod for Zane the rest I'm still grinding for but all of that was just gotten by beating the story side of things on mayhem 1 however the first thing I'm trying to get is the lucky 7

  2. Honestly, some of the rare and epic items in the DLC are what really shone for me. The Ember's Purge shield is just decent with a fire aura, and the Robo-Melter Masher from the main quest line are both pretty powerful. And there is the double-down from the side quest which just gives increased damage, accuracy, and handling while in FFYL, as well as doubling FFYL duration.

  3. I hate the iron sight look on the Lucky 7 pistol type and I hate the giant zoom scopes on pistols so this will be FUN finding the right one.

    Also it bothers me that they're recycling some weapon models and just adding or changing stats and effects.

  4. it would have been cool if you had included the drop sources like for example the boomer and lucky 7 drop from the claptrap boss and the creamer drops from goat eater

  5. I know it's not hip to say but I really like bl3. As far as combat, guns, graphics and sounds it's by FAR the best game in the franchise imo. The story content and missions isnt quite as interesting as bl2 but it's not bad. I also like that you can find legendaries without having to grind certain bosses and enemies. Not sure why this game got so much hate. I'm sure a lot of it is the usual hipster and hate train sheep who think it's cool to hate bl3 and bl2 is the only game we're allowed to like. It's similar to the hipster dorks who pretend like fallout NV is the only good fallout game and it's blasphemy to say otherwise

  6. The bonus damage on the ion cannon is actually a badass token perk called overkill that transfers excess damage to your next shot, since you're dealing damage way over your enemies' health, the overkill damage over the enemies' health is carried forward to your next shot

  7. You can run the Ion Cannon with a big boom blaster on Moze and just rip through Mayhem 4. I mean it just turned Mayhem 4 into easy mode. New Takedown speed records incoming. I used the Scoville, the Ion cannon and a Raided Ghast Call and just walked through content on Mayhem 4.

  8. I've been having a lot of fun with the Cheap Tips, especially when you have the damage buff added with Moze and her ammo regen you can often get a ton of shots off in one mag and shred


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