Bloodborne: TOH How To Get The Rakuyo Easily

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IMPORTANT: It was just brought to my attention that you can actually parry these fucks, so if this doesn’t work for you, try parrying them. Dont ask me how many …

36 thoughts on “Bloodborne: TOH How To Get The Rakuyo Easily

  1. Everyone in the comments saying these guys were harder than orphan
    It took me forever and all my blood vials to beat orphan, these guys took one try and a shaman blade or two
    You people are crazy
    Orphan was insane and you shrug him off but you can’t take out these two guys who aren’t even hard

  2. I know this is old and the way you show is really cool but I just went from the other entrance, used the monocular and hit the one on the ground with a dagger. It lured him to me and I just chipped away at them with the r2 transformed beast cutter. It took a few attempts but the dagger arcs and actually had the distance to hit him.

  3. I did it the hard way because I had no shaman bone blades left. I fought the first one at the far end of the cave and when he turned to walk away, I threw molotovs at him which didn't cause him to stagger but to walk slower while providing enough damage to kill him before the second showed up.

  4. Remind me to immediately hit the well the moment I discover that Fishing Hamlet with my Maria cosplay character. Now that you showed me that Shaman's Blade strategy, I'm gonna go like "Swiggidy swoody, I'm coming for dat booty!" Lol

  5. It annoys me how they make you go through such bs to get such a great weapon for skill builds. I would have done a skill build with this by now but I can never be bothered with the shark things… guess I'll just stick with the blades of mercy since the threaded cane is trash.

  6. Is there any way to make the bone blades last longer? Dont know why, maybe they patched it, but for me the effect of the boneblades dont even last for 10 seconds. In other words they are completly useless for me

  7. Started doing 20 sit-ups / push-ups everytime I die when I play a game in the Soulsborne series. These guys will make me ripped! Sweet baby Jesus I hate them with a passion. No six pack in the world is worth this!


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