Bloodborne In 2 Hits Or Less

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The cannonballs I used were shaped like fists so they count as a punch.

Extra info – *Updated*
This was all done on a single character.
I used a lot of different bugs to get items early and skip certain bosses.
I started the character on an unpatched version of the game then patched it after a certain point.
Chalice dungeons are fucking awful lol.
End stats were 99 str/dex/blt

The actual way the build works is I build my beasthood bar to full while wearing 3x beast runes by hitting enemeis with broken beastclaws for a few minutes. Then I pop a beast blood pellet, and lower my health to below 20% using blood bullets. I am using 3 gems that have the effect +10% damage +27% NEAR DEATH. So when my health is low it increases my damage drastically.

So the result is Stake Driver * Near Death * Beasthood + Paper.

That damage at 99 STR/DEX is about 6000 but you may have noticed I hit way higher than that a few times. The reason for that is instability, double hitboxes, and weakspots.

For example, on Martyr Logararius I hit over 7000 through defenses, this because I hit him in instability causing him to take extra damage. If you watch closely I specifically run past him so when he backsteps I get him right in the middle of it.

As for double hitboxes, you can see that clearly with The One Reborn. I hit both the head and body at the same timed healing over 10,000 damage. That is due to a double hitbox.

I forgot to include Micolash, it takes 2 hits to kill him. One shotting him might be possible with perfect gems and a sprinting instability hit but I do not have the patience for trying something so RNG heavy.

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  1. i beat every boss first try in chalice dungeons too but i did a lot of grinding i'm playing NG+ and and i only loss to father gascoinga(can't spell) the rest where first try including The first hunter

  2. îf you farmed 72 months, that means you farmed 6 years. Bloodborne is out since 2015, the video is from 2017, so you must have traveled to the past after farming, so people actually know what you are playing, which means in 2023 we have time machines. ^.^


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