Bloodborne Armor – How To Find The Doll Outfit (Abandoned Old Workshop)

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This is a quick guide on how to get the Doll outfit / armor in the Abandoned Old Workshop wich is a “secret place” and tough to find. You also unlock The Source …

12 thoughts on “Bloodborne Armor – How To Find The Doll Outfit (Abandoned Old Workshop)

  1. i know this videos is old and im late to the bloodborne party, but ive been wanting to get this armour since the moment i saw it even though it has poor stats but i was stuck on the blood starved beast for so long, it took me like 50 tries just to get past it and i finally did it a few hours ago FUCK YEH XD.

  2. there is a much faster way to drop down actually, the moment you enter the area with all these drops jump off the corner of the bridge (the corner that is touching the border of the room) and heal up once you land on that platform then take one more jump off the right side of this platform and your there


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