Blood Stone Chunk Farming Guide Chalice Version : Bloodborne

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A farming guide to Blood Stone Chunks in Bloodborne. These chunks are used to upgrade your weapons. They are kind of rare but can be dropped from certain …

19 thoughts on “Blood Stone Chunk Farming Guide Chalice Version : Bloodborne

  1. So it has to be cursed rotted and fetid in order for this to work? I thought upping the difficulty mainly affected how good the gems were that were dropped, not so much drop rate of chunks. Don't see the need for handicapping yourself if all you need are chunks.

  2. well thats not guaranteed i have my arcane at 50 and all eye runes and i just only tried this twice i got 2 blood stone chunks and the first try and a blood gem the second try only a blood gem like WTF !!!! oh well dont no y

  3. It appears you need to do the additional rites for the "Isz Root Chalice" to gain access to this chalice dungeon glyph.
    Not sure how many of the additional rites you need, but I did all of them.

    (I think you need all of them. As the glyph has all three rites activated)

  4. You didn't specify that when creating the chalice, it needed to be cursed, rotted and fetid. In the video you didn't even create that kind. So I just wasted a shit ton of materials making a regular rooted chalice, fuck man.

  5. never ok to spend 30 insight on a bloodstone chunk! lol. i do this method too, in fact, go to layer 2, immediately will be an undead giant, kill him and he drops 1 chunk more than half the time too. hes a bitch though, i throw poison knives at him and shoot him a bunch of times

  6. No materials required for clearing and redoing the chalice needed then? I know I have to spend materials for the first chalice, and that I can't clear this first one, but after that are the chalice dungeons that I search for 'free'?


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