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Games always have a way of surprising us. It’s sometimes a bigger surprise, though – not to give too much away! Here’s some of the times Gameranx really got shocked.
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  1. I definately was shocked with VR actually doing decent, which is probably due to the not so great implementation and the resulting stigma the previous attempts had. I am of the impression that VR finally found its footing because there is finally the technology and resources to actually work with the concept, where as before it was a idea way too ahead of the technology beforehand.

    I also was pleasantly surprised that crossplay was a thing. I remember saying how nice it would be and how it could work back in 2008 and being rediculed for even thinking about it. Looks like I can Join Falcon in feeling smug.

  2. Actually we do have a game streaming platform it's called geforce now and it's free you can play any game you want on any type of pc or even on your android phone but the only thing is not many people have access to it as it is in a beta where there is a waiting list I'm lucky I got chosen to beta test it 😊

  3. The Mystery is finally solved!

    Jake has a double personality so when he is in a normal condition he is the original but when he gets cold or have some shots he becomes Falcon!

  4. !!!ABORT!!! THE DECADE IS NOT OVER YET!!! It ends this year! That is because there is no such thing as ”year 0”. It starts at 1AD, therefore, the decade is not over yet we are still in 2011-2020!!!

  5. to me one of the biggest surprise is how a big company, at the beginning of the decade, was reverred as THE gaming company of all time but just last year it became one of the most hated. Yes, I am talking about Bethesda

  6. I really want MMORPGs to make a comeback. I'm getting tired of playing the same ones that have been dominating the market pretty much the entire decade. I want new triple A MMOs. But that's probably not gonna happen if WoW, GW2, OSRS and more continue to get support and development.


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