Best Tarkov FOV Settings 2020 Patch 0.12

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Let’s discuss the pros and cons of all the Field of View Settings in Escape from Tarkov, including bugs, to help you pick the best FOV, as of January 2020 for patch 0.12.
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39 thoughts on “Best Tarkov FOV Settings 2020 Patch 0.12

  1. Thumbs up for this video dude! I literally didn’t realise it played such a big part and just whacked it on max FOV ? I’ll definitely be messing about with this now to see what I like. Subbed ?

  2. 4:35 okay but why in the hell are you trying to use a red dot to shoot at a target that far away? That makes virtually no sense, especially when you consider most firearms you're going to use a red dot on are well out of max effective range for said target anyways…

  3. Great vid! I've been using 50 fov since I started playing after black friday. I had done some previous research and had read about the bugs and didn't want the smaller red dot. However, I was not aware of vignette effect since I mostly use red dot optics. Might try turning mine up to mid to high 50s to reduce some vignette.

  4. Nice video! i think i will carry on using the highest FOV but you've definitely helped me if i ever want to switch it up to something a bit more manageable <3

  5. i will stick at minimum fov, because i am not going to accept the fact that my bullets don't line up with my sights anymore. i mean, what are the sights then for? i could snipe then actually out of my hip too. lol.
    nah my shots have to be 100% lined up, to do some nice ass shots. better than guessing like hmmm, where do i need to aim to hit his head actually. lol, thats stupid, can't understand why someone is going to accept that thing to see like 5% or 10% more surroundigs, which are not even good rendered.
    but, your choice, if you wanna try aiming while i hit your head while you still keep trying, go ahead haha.

  6. LOW FOV was meant for couch based gaming. aka you have a tv and you are sitting pretty far away. the whole point of that small fov was to give you a more "close" feel to what you are looking at.

    HIGH FOV like OLD gaming, was meant for computer monitors, where you are less than 3 feet from said monitor

    me, I'm 18 inches from my monitor. low fov causing me huge headaches, so I need higher fov as I'm sitting closer. old games always had a high fov, only newer games the past 8 or so years have been low fov causing issues.

    make pc gaming great again

  7. Love what you said at the beginning of the video, and an argument a lot of people make or complain about if the FPS game they're playing won't allow them to hit 120 FOV. Having that "natural" FOV is different in every game and hard to get right. On the FPS side, you're totally right; with higher FOV the game is having to draw more resources depending on both the FOV and draw distance. Thanks for the video, preach it!

    Edit: Would love to see FPS devs start to implement an FOV slider tool in a practice range or something that you can adjust in real-time instead of having to change, save, check, change, save check, etc.

  8. I have a AOC AGON AG352UCG. 35" inch screen with 1900R curve. I play at a 3440×1440 resolution. The screen is set at 100Hz and has an A-MVA panel which is 4ms. What would any of you recommend?

  9. Gambet I hope you can answer me on this. I been playing this game from day 1. And this wipe I am using 75. I kill people almost all the time when I know where they are. But I ask you this. If I was in let's say customs fighting a dude in the woods area around dooms. And I lose him somehow in a bush somewhere. What would be best to spot him? 63 or 75? Most fights are really close to you. So I don't really see the point in using anything lower then 75 afterall most fights are not in sniper range but shotgun range lol. (sorry for bad english it's 4:30 AM lol)

  10. This is actually a fu**ing great and well made video!
    And that means something, cause that's the first time I made the effort of posting something like that under a video 🙂


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