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In Batman #82 by writer Tom King and artists Tony S. Daniel and Mikel Janin, Batman and Bane finally face off in an epic fight — but it ends in shocking fashion! We recap what happened in this wild Batman vs. Bane fight and explore what it means for DC Comics’ “City of Bane” storyline.

31 thoughts on “Batman vs. Bane Ends How No One Could Have Expected – IGN Now

  1. Wow, Tom King is seriously just shitting all over bruce's legacy huh? I'm kind of tired of batman but I still respect the character and I would NEVER agree to have Thomas shoot his own son, WTF KING!!!???

  2. Could someone explain the timeline because DC comics is very chaotic. I mean am I suppose to believe this is happening the same time as justice league doom and the Batman Superman series where they try to find the infected one's??
    That's absolutely garbage, I mean dude has his batcave in Batman Superman series even Superman says shall we take Gordon and go to batcave and Batman was like nah let's go to ur place and there we meet blue beetle! Justice league Doom and that run going side by side makes sense. But this one just makes stuff no sense!

  3. You’re right, I never expected Batman to cheat in every way.
    Also, please tell me Thomas turns out to be, idk, Simon Hurt or something. Just make the whole thing insane, nothing matters anymore.


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