All Shoreline LEDX Spawns – Loot Guide 0.12 – Escape From Tarkov

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22 thoughts on “All Shoreline LEDX Spawns – Loot Guide 0.12 – Escape From Tarkov

  1. Lol do you even take the time to edit your videos more than once? you misspelled, mis-spoke, and left out your own information while talking like 8 times in the course of 4 minutes. Genius content.

  2. Apparently there are way more. Like 5-7 east rooms, and 3-4 west rooms. Probably more than that, check the wiki they have all of the known ones listed. I just bought like 6 east keys to farm lol hope its worth.

  3. guys i know it's not recognize yet but i swear, i found one led x on the second floor storeroom of the west wing, no one go in this room so i think it's still unknown, but i swear a ledx can spawn here

  4. this additon to ledx has single handedly turned 301 from like 750k when i bought it this wipe to 2.5m at the time of this comment. this is a nice idea for bsg but in my honest opinion. they should keep them in labs maybe not idk. the point to labs is high risk high reward and then taking one of the biggest ticket items and throwing it on shoreline kinda oofs the risk/reward

    but its cash so w/e. also if anyone doesnt know future tip, key for 301 spawns in the bus at tunnel extract and ITS SEAT SPAWN can change

  5. I got all the keys even before this update but since the update I get matching over and over again on shoreline and cant find a match for the last 2 hours or so. Kinda like customs was at the beginning of the wipe .. >_>


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