Ahead of PS5, Executive Shakeups Continue At Sony – IGN Now

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PlayStation is going through a reorganization ahead of the launch of the PS5. Sony Interactive Entertainment Shawn Layden left PlayStation last month, and today Guerrilla Games’ Hermen Hulst succeeded Shuhei Yoshida as head of Worldwide Studios. But PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan says the reorganization is necessary to help transition the company for the PlayStation 5.

22 thoughts on “Ahead of PS5, Executive Shakeups Continue At Sony – IGN Now

  1. Ratchet and clank Going Commando is no. 1 priority from Insomniac, a new Jak and Daxter cuz that’s long over due. A new kill zone from guerrilla games cuz it’s tradition. And maybe acquire new studios? Play tonic games? Kojima productions? Revive studios like Studio Liverpool? DUDE I MISS WIPEOUT!

  2. So will we get any form of backwards compatibility or are PS4 games deemed “ancient” that nobody wants to play anymore. Since this is the actual philosophy of Jim Ryan.

  3. Doesn't really matter for the early ps5 launch since Hardware, Software and most Launch titles are mostly set and won't change even if there is change in leadership.

    What happens after 2+ years of the ps5 release that might be affected tho


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