ADAR 2-15 // Weapon Guide for Escape from Tarkov

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Inspired by Ahoy’s original call of duty weapon guides, here is episode 1 of a weapon guide series for Escape from Tarkov. First up, we got the ADAR 2-15.

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6 thoughts on “ADAR 2-15 // Weapon Guide for Escape from Tarkov

  1. Ammo Update! Just found out from u/Fexxzz on reddit that I made a mistake with the ammunition: M855A1 is all-around better than M856A1. I’ll be more vigilant next time 🙂

  2. Cool video dude, love the style. Think I saw part of it on Reddit the other day so kept an eye out for it here. A good sniper build would be sick as I've found the scopes to be a bit hit or miss in Tarkov


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