5 Loot Spots in the Military Reserve Base – Escape from Tarkov

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5 cool loot spots I found in my first few runs of the Military Reserve Base in Escape from Tarkov

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34 thoughts on “5 Loot Spots in the Military Reserve Base – Escape from Tarkov

  1. To be honest, west pawn dorm is actually pretty dope, for instance. This has been my typical loot run for solo’ing it. Start at dorm, loot the 1 gate building. Loot the first floor / top floor of dorm. Run to the bunker below dorm, loot the connecting underground / come out the tunnel of north pawn / loot the first 3 floors / loot the top floor / go to west pawn / loot first three floors / loot the top / loot south pawn entirely / loot the 1 small gazzebo type structure east of the heli in the court yard / hit the bunker extract switch / if you have space or want more loot check rook building or the medical building, or just play safe and go for extract 🙂

  2. There’s a ridiculous amount of expensive tech in the building with a white king marker on the outside of the building: of the 4 huge buildings that surround the chopper, it’s the East one. Found a working LCD, Mil Gryro, and 2 COFDM transmitters in 1 raid! Subbed


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