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In this video we’re getting 15 wins in the earthquake challenge, talking about the new update and the new card.

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33 thoughts on “15 WIN EARTHQUAKE CHALLENGE! – Clash Royale

  1. I got quake from a chest but honestly, quake is being overhyped, maybe it’s because I’m only at 4500 but I haven’t seen being played at all on ladder or 2v2. Maybe just haven’t faced anyone who’s unlocked. I do like the update a bunch because it definitely seem to help ladder and even facing over leveled players(all max cards) I feel the enjoyment of getting that next reward and it seems a few people aren’t clustered as much at the 4000-4300 threshold anymore which is nice because people can get farther.

  2. I don’t like some of the UI changes. Idk why they put everything in that little tab. Sides are so empty now and you actually have to read what you’re clicking on since you don’t have those nice big images in their own designated spot on the screen. Like that they moved private tournaments from challenge tab but don’t like them putting it into that tab. Draft chest being gone kind of sucks. Wasn’t really about the rewards. Were the only chests in the game that could give double legendaries besides like the og 15k tournament chests. I agree that earthquake isn’t good for the game. It’s literally designed to get rid of buildings from decks. I don’t think it’s as bad as you make it out to be. Pretty useful to clear swarm and has slow effect which can let units bypass or out dps. Mainly an offensive card tho. It is pretty niche tho. Only see it working with miner, giant, golem, and possibly royal hogs. Also like 2v2 ot extension. Don’t play much of it but it’s about time. Still not sure about trophy inflation. Doesn’t really fix much. It’s just an illusion. Some of the rewards are very lackluster as you climb. It’s cumulative but the only really good chests are literally at the very end of the reward system. They finally added an actual confirmation message when you continue. Not proud of how I know but that’s kind of nice. Nice graphics and progression bar on the reward screen. Pretty cool new load screen. Electricity really adds a bit of flair. New knight emote is dumb. At least replace with 10 gems or don’t say new when you already have it. Royal ghost emote is nice. Finally came to the game after like a year. Magic archer skin and rocket skin are pretty cool. Goblin hut isn’t bad. New modes seem interesting but I’m just in it for the rewards.

  3. Great video from Coltown once again, since this was just a fun challenge, you actually were way more talkative & informative during the live gameplay, which was great… keep up the consistency, one of my fav CR youtubers!


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